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PET Scan: How To Prepare For The Test

We will provide each patient with specific instructions. Be sure to follow them for the most accurate results. In general, you can expect the following to prepare for your heart PET scan:

Eating and drinking

  • Don’t eat or drink anything except water for four hours before the test.
  • Don’t have anything that contains caffeine for 24 hours before the test. This includes coffee, tea, cola and other sodas, chocolate and strawberries (these contain a small amount of caffeine). It also includes decaffeinated and caffeine-free products (these contain small amounts of caffeine). Caffeine affects test results.


Don’t do strenuous exercise for 24 hours before your cardiac PET scan.

Using tobacco products

Don’t smoke on the day of your cardiac PET scan. Nicotine affects the test results.

Taking medications

Bring a list of all medications and supplements you take, including over-the-counter products you buy without a prescription.

Medications with caffeine: Don’t take any over-the-counter medication that contains caffeine (such as pain relievers and diet pills) for 24 hours before your cardiac PET scan. Talk to your provider if you have questions about other medications that may contain caffeine.

If you take heart medications: Ask your provider about changes you need to make to your medications before your cardiac PET scan. Don’t stop taking any medication unless your provider tells you to.

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